"Curiosity about life in all of its attributes is one of the secrets of creativity."
                                                                               Alvita Soleil
Visionary Art & Sculpture 
 by Alvita Soleil
Creativity is our birth right.  I believe all of us are creative beings with stories to tell, emotions to express, and gifts to share. 

As an artist and doctor of Oriental Medicine, art to me is an essential component to health, healing and well-being. 
 For centuries, cultures around the world have used all mediums of art to promote healing. In fact all 'healing arts' are rooted in the bedrock of our innate creative process of transformation. 

When we trust the flow – the natural movement of creation, the mysteries are revealed, and everything feels harmonious, unified, effortless; no interpretation or therapy is necessary. This intimate dance between color, shape and space reveals an innate connection between mind, body, and spirit.

The creative process is the healer;  it can be seen as source of inspiration, comfort and strength. 

Sometimes I feel frustrated of not knowing how to conceptualize my vision on the canvas, sculpture, or how to draw or lay the paint, but I keep reminding myself over and over again to let go, to be without the interference of the mind. I get stuck when I get afraid of not being good enough or messing something up. The mind wants to tell me of what and how I “should” paint, rather than allowing the spontaneous expression to flow. The mind mostly speaks of reason, achievement, indecision, success, failure, and comparison. It simply blocks the creative juices. 

I like to see my art work as a spiritual practice, a form of meditation. This is why I love creating art, because it puts me in touch with the movement of letting go, the practice of listening, of being present, and trusting the next moment -- a life time practice, isn’t it? 

My spirit soars when I accept my sovereignty as a Creator. In my heart, I feel accomplished and grateful to have an opportunity to express a language of beauty, exploration, inspiration and having fun in the process. 

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