"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
~ Thomas Merton

Visionary Art & Sculpture 
by Alvita Soleil
More and more people understand that recycling helps to minimize the drain on the limited resources of our planet, and to reduce significantly the presence of waste materials in our community. By choosing to reuse recycled, discarded objects/material destined to premature landfill grave, an ordinary object is being seen in a new different way. With imagination they are transformed, born into a new life form.  

My materials are simple and green as it gets: from broken piece of jewelry, beads, toys, crockery, carpet, glass, mirror, wire, from hardware and kitchen findings, etc…. Anything that catcher my imagination I bring it home to my little studio. 

The ability to see things in a fresh way is vital to the creative process. That ability rests on the willingness to question any and all assumptions, and becoming both creator and alchemist. 

Creating art for me, has become the container which helps me to integrate the human experience. I am a conceptual, visual, mixed media artist and poet who is dedicated to exploring the basic human instinct, an internal appreciation, for harmony, balance, rhythm, and space; this can be defined as beauty. 


How remarkable and miraculous it is to be me!
Of all the people who have lived on earth, since the beginning of time
Not one of them is like me.
No one has ever lived with my abilities, burdens, lies, pain
Sorrows, joy, creativity, and more.
So what, I am meant to be unique! Like 6 billion of other people!
What is the big deal?
Would it be a hole in creation, a gap in history, something missing
If I was pretending to be somebody else?  


This sculpture is a statement to reaffirm the need to ensure awakening, respect and enjoyment of individual freedom.  The very word evokes hope and stirs the inner soul of every human being.  This is a fundamental right for each one of us.

Liberty symbolizes the empowered woman as she moves through the world with a sense of confidence and grace. She is strong in spirit, courageous in action, and gentle at heart.

Liberty is made of 45 different pieces of recycled materials.

Going into the mind of the water dragon, Sheesha, was fun and exciting.  I went into a delicious vortex where time and space did not exist.  When I encountered resistance or odd feelings in my body, I paused, and gently came back into alignment with the wishes of the dragon.  Sheesha reminded me about being in the here and now, and how delicious it is to surrender to a greater mind.


I accept all that I am, just as I am

The love that brings light to the dark corners we would prefer to ignore.

I am loved and I am love.

This is the love that utterly unifies, while celebrating the uniqueness of one another.

Divine Light is everywhere I am.

A sacred connection to Source

Unconditional Love, which we all come from.  It is the source of all Life.
I am   the body of the Earth
FACETS OF LOVE -   Below are the panels  as they appear on the four sides of the base.

Sitting beside the Buddha is a bowl of puzzle pieces.  In Buddhism, symbolic offerings give rise to contemplative gratitude and inspiration. Pick one piece of the puzzle, and see how the offering applies in your life.  


This piece was sold as a gift for  Deepak Chopra

The synergy of space and shape in graceful lines of simplicity.

This multi-faceted altar is designed to be customized according to preference of statue, quotes, flora, candle color, etc.

Reminiscent of The Mists of Avalon, the land where dreams become reality, this piece stirs the imagination and the longing for all which nurtures and guides us from within

Behold! Our Mother Earth is lying here.
Behold! Ancient Mother, bringer of birth, of life
Bringer of food and shelter
We hear you in the wind
We feel you in the rain and mist
From the stars to the ocean, we know your beauty and wonder
We relax in your cycles of birth, growth, death and renewal,
You are the mother of all things!

Behold Great Mother! We also feel your pain,
We wept upon your breast, and felt the tremble of your body.
You are injured, you seem to die and fade.
You weep, polluted, poisoned, broken  
Instead of being adorned, you mourn.

Hear the silent wailing of the earth.
Who is the foolish human who kill its own mother!
Wake up, her fate is entrapped with ours!

Behold! Who are we kidding? 
The poetry of the earth will never be dead.
Let us feel the pulse of all her creation deep in our bones 
Deep in our cells and blood her sacred life force is alive 
And we need to care for her. 
Remember, we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
We borrow it from our children.
This day, this hour, this moment, we breathe in the sacred life force
We walk and touch peace, we kiss the earth under our feet,
In this moment we can choose to bring the earth joy and grace.
In this moment we can stand in awe of life and honor the miracle in all things.
In this moment the earth feels safe, and we will feel safe within ourselves, 
As long as we choose to love her, and love ourselves.  

Alvita Soleil -  2016

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Whimsical though it may appear, this piece suggests the power of our words and thoughts to form our very world. The energy of our words is always at work, whether by default or by design. 
Why not choose abundance of joy?


The Source of all is ever present, even when hidden by clouds of doubt or fear. Turn your face and heart to the sun, receive the light of the world, and know that all is in divine light.


When I gaze into the mirror, through the windows of the Soul, who do I see? From beyond the wrinkles, beyond the façade, beyond the personality – Who gazes back?


Regardless of the seeming direction of growth, it’s always about finding center again, coming home to the inner wisdom, and letting it flower.


I walk my talk grounded in the present moment, and the path unfolds before me. 

Call it Angel, Totem, Aumakua, or Ancestor, we all have the divine guidance and protection of The Guardian.  


Goddess, Mother, Gaia, Divine Feminine, Source of all Life, embrace me as I honor you.

*Note in the photo below the back side of Isis

When the pattern emerges ‘over and over’, it’s time to re-cognize and choose again, letting go of the old for new growth and maturity.


Description of Work: LOVE is as critical for the mind, body, and soul as oxygen. It is not negotiable. Love is my favorite subject as it is by far the greatest and the most powerful healer known to man. 

There are many different kinds of love. When this heart sculpture fell out of my hands a couple of times,  I realized deeper than before, Love is not a reaction, not an activity. It is not a thought, or an emotion.   It is a substantial Essence that illuminates and transforms us.


With playful feline charisma, Minnie will warm the heart, and tickle the funny bone of anyone who comes her way.