The future is yours
No one can steal it.
Feel, see, touch, and hear your desire,
Allow the dream to paint your life.
The journey is yours.
Who do you believe?
Who do you trust?
The seed of all possibilities lies in this moment
Recall, Remember, Reclaim!
It is within you, the innate power to listen,
To trust the voice of the heart,
To choose the life you are meant to live.
You are the one that you have been waiting for.

Alvita Soleil

"Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror."
                                                                               Khalil Gibran

Greet me mad beautiful earthy rose
Greet me compost earth going into eternal strength
Underground world of beast, worms and geckos
Be strong little flower, grace of the earth.
Your heart will guide true.
And as long as you want,
 I will talk with you.

Alvita Soleil


How remarkable and miraculous it is to be me!
Of all the people who have lived on earth, since the beginning of time
Not one of them is like me.
No one has ever lived with my abilities, burdens, lies, pain, 
Sorrows, joy, creativity, and more.

So what, I am meant to be unique!  Like 6 billion other people!
What is the big deal?
Would it be a hole in creation, a gap in history, something missing
If I was pretending to be somebody else?

Alvita Soleil


Come with me into the land
Where the sky meets the clouds
Where nature forgets its vastness
Where the shade of sky meets the gentle sun
Just as I dream a secret dream
I smile -- as if I have stolen a piece of time.
I have found my worth in my sensual nature.

Alvita Soleil


Kali, Pele, Sweet Mother receive my prayer
Help me to bring darkness into the light.
Great Mother, gardener of my soul
You know that without the darkness
Nothing oomes to birth.
As without light, nothing flowers.
Remove the seed of fear from my bones
Release the crude power of righteous rage
Into a clear and compassionate action
So I can rejoice in the heart of your being.

Alvita Soleil

Visionary Art & Sculpture 
 by Alvita Soleil

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